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  • Packing your storage space: Use boxes or plastic totes of a similar size. They’re easier to unload, to stack and to pack up again. Remember to stack heavy boxes on the bottom. Always leave a walkway into your storage unit. You want to have easy access to all items in the unit without having to move anything around. Labeling the contents of your boxes will be helpful when you want to find something. Leaving air space between your items and the wall will also increase air circulation in the unit.

  • Wrap What You Can: Wrap as many items as you can in industrial plastic wrap. That way, things are sealed up tight and it won't collect dust or moisture from the air. Use mattress bags and furniture dust covers.

  • If storing a refrigerator, leave the door ajar to prevent mold from growing inside.

  • Plan for Temperature Changes: There are a few things that don't like the cold or the heat and should either be double wrapped or well insulated or not stored at all. Electronics, vinyl records, old photos (if humid), things of that nature all come out a little less awesome when not stored properly. 

  • Do not use pest deterrents, they will attract rodents. Use fabric softener strips around sofas/chairs; it will do the trick.

  • Keep your goods off of the floor. Store your property entirely off the concrete floor on pallets or 2×4’s. Periodically unheated units may have condensation on floor. Stacking boxes on top of wooden pallets will help prevent condensation.

  • Insure your goods: Call your insurance company and tell them your goods are being stored, have them covered. We do not carry insurance on your property and do not take responsibility.

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